Monday, January 10, 2011

Roundeye Diner - What an Experience!

It really begins even before you step through our door...
Our close proximity to Lake Okanagan and incredible view of its splendor are tough to match. Add to that the inviting atmosphere offered only to those lucky few who have come to be inspired by Peachland, and what you get at ROUNDEYE is a dining experience like no other.
Once inside, there is no denying that you have entered the Funkiest Diner you've never imagined. With the sounds of original music playing in the background and the aroma of freshly prepared, wholesome ingredients wafting through the air, you feel welcomed and encouraged to leave your troubles and prepare to enjoy some truly amazing food.


Bradley C. Penticton, BC said...

If you're returning to Roundeye after November of 2010 and were expecting a great sushi experience then you'll be surprised.
Roundeye is now a diner. A local neighbourhood place still run by the same people and still crewed in the kitchen by the same staff but with a decidedly different menu selection.
I dropped in one Sunday early January for a couple rolls and ended up having brunch instead. After I got over my initial shock, I can report that this new incarnation is on the right track. The couple times I'd been to Roundeye previously I was impressed with the flavours, freshness, and flare in the presentation. Although the menu has radically changed, that attention to detail remains.
It's still one of the best places for taking in the incredible Okanagan Lake view and the requisite people watching. During the warmer months, there's a great outdoor seating area. Right now the big lake-facing windows provide the viewscape and a discreet flat screen offers televised distraction. I was pleased to be able to watch the NFL playoffs for the duration of my visit.
It's BLD at the Roundeye. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all on the menu along with a modest but intelligent selection of wines and cocktail offerings.
The menu on the food side of things takes some recognizable classics and then gives them the Roundeye twist. For example, I had the Corned Beef Hash and Poached Eggs. I use this dish as a test item. Hash was once offered at just about every small town cafe and diner. By putting hash on the menu you are stating that you are claiming some of that diner heritage and paying homage to the short order cooks and servers of generations before you. Roundeye has created something very unique. Standard ingredients like onions, celery, bell pepper were there as well as generous chunks of corned beef. I've seen hash minced so fine the ingredients are almost unrecognizable. Not so at Roundeye. The constituents of this hash were bite-size or a little larger, almost a stir-fry presentation. The two poached eggs were done to my liking and topped with a small amount of hollandaise. Not too much because the star sauce of this dish is a house BBQ preparation that lurks beneath the hash and adds a slightly sweet note to the overall flavour. There's lots going on in this hash but the overall effect is balance. Personally, I'd go for a little more heat and tomato, perhaps a shade more piquant, but overall the hash is B+ or A- and I would definitely have it again.
But a couple of other things caught my eye.
Things you just don't see in Okanagan valley restaurants.
I'm looking forward to trying their Po' Boy sandwich, cornmeal breaded oysters with a horseradish aoli, the Wavos Rancheros, a variation on the classic Huevos Rancheros featuring chili or the Twisted Macaroni Brick. And if you're still looking for something with that Asian influence, I noticed a tower of prawn tempura on offer.
Lunch items go for between $6 and $11 with dinner clocking in between $17 and $24.
Tall stools and table dominate the seating inside but there are a number of banquets and lower tables as well. The word is the menu is still in development and will change a little as things shake out. I predict based on what I saw that Roundeye will be the most innovative diner in the area by the time the fair weather crowds return.

MrsT said...

I had the pleasure of dining at Roundeye last July while it was still a sushi bar. 4 of us "slightly older" ladies were greeted by the handsome bartender/chef/owner -Phil and promptly seated at a table in the outside courtyard. With a beautiful view of the lake and a great vibe we knew we were in for an enjoyable evening!
My mother had never tried sushi and was a bit hesitant but Nancy and Phil (the owners) reassured her she would love it. They proceeded to bring us a huge variety of assorted sushi delights. I wish I could remember the names but what does stand out was the freshness/creativity/presentation/quality of our food.
My dear mother fell in love and raved about the food for a week! I think she also took a shine to Phil.
We all had a wonderful evening and have recommended it since.
Sadly, I have not been back since it has changed into a diner (I live in Calgary)but I am sure it is fabulous. I am planning to check it out this spring. Stay tuned and there will be photos included.
A big thanks to Nancy and Phil for a great evening!!!